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 Tubes In The Wall Treatment


Today many new homes comes equipped with the "Tubes in the walls Pest control system.  The technology has been around since the early 90's and if used properly can be effective tool in the treatment of your home.

Unfortunately there are a lot of myths about this really great system. 

Myth 1.  I only need the Pest Tubes treated for an effective treatment.  The truth is the treatment inside the wall is just a small part of a professional treatment.  Most of your insect problems come from outside, were food and harborage are more likely.

Myth 2.  The only company that can treat the tubes is the company that installed them.

The truth is that you purchased the tubes when you purchased your home..... just like your security system, plumbing, electrical, etc.. 

Myth 3.  Anybody can treat the tubes in the wall, The truth is that there are several factors  involved in the actual treatment, such as air pressure, amount of chemical injected and general troubleshooting skills are needed as you can  see below, Forney Pest & Lawn uses professionally manufactured equipment, and has received training in its use.